Chris McCausland

Hello! If you are looking for me, the Chris McCausland that is a stand-up comedian from Liverpool, who has done a little bit of acting, and who has no other discernible skills to speak of – then Google has served you well, so welcome. If you were looking for one of those other Chris McCausland’s, such as the one that’s a rally driver, or the accountant fella, or the bloke that’s got something to do with the IRA – then Google has massively let you down as I know nothing about these people, especially the last one.

If you are still reading this drivel, then I’ll assume that it is actually this me that you seek, and urge you to stick your email address in that subscription box in the sidebar. Exciting times do seem to lie ahead, and it would be nice to reach out and let you know about shows and stuff as and when things are happening.

Thanks for stopping by. Now you’ve got five minutes to get out!

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Chris McCausland live at Liverpool's Slaughterhouse