Who am I?

Chris McCausland

I’m in my 18th year as a stand-up comedian.

I’m blind.

I’m from Liverpool but live in London.

I’m married and have a young daughter.

I’m 43.

I like technology and gadgets and football and comedy and a very specific type of sci-fi.

I can’t stand mayonnaise and Facebook and any podcast my wife seems to want to play on full blast in the car.

I can’t do beatbox but my daughter is too young to know that and thinks I’m amazing.

I love spicy pizza way too much!

I can only speak one language despite my wife being a foreigner and me having bloody donkeys to learn some of her’s.

I am a fan of both Apple and apples, and am typing this on one whilst eating the other.

I’m not very political.

My general mood usually correlates with the latest success or failure of Liverpool Football Club.

I make a fairly decent spag bol, but then again, who doesn’t.

My knees crack every time I crouch down.

And my mouth hangs open whenever I think too hard.

That’s about it I suppose.

Chris McCausland celebrating with his arms in the air on Would I Lie to You 2021