Chris McCausland – Acting

Chris McCausland

I’m not writing this bit in the third person. Being blind means that acting opportunities are few and far between, I’m never going to play anybody that needs to drive a car or catch an ostrich – although I’m up for giving anything a go I suppose.

If you are some high flying TV producer though, and you need an incredibly good looking Scouser who loves eating meals out of a van, then I’ve done the stuff below – All for the BBC…


Yes a bit of Scouse riff raff on the square, just what it’s been missing if I’m honest. I played the part of some bozo called Carl, performing alongside the magnificent Rudolph Walker and the incredible Christopher Timothy.

Jimmy McGovern’s Moving On

I had a lead role here alongside Neil Fitzmaurice and Anna Crilly in Jimmy McGovern’s long running and acclaimed BBC One drama series. I had a blast doing this with some great people, and it was good van food too!

You can check out some clips below…

Me Too!

Many moons ago I played the part of Rudi the Market Trader on the Cbeebies show Me Too!. We made 150 episodes of this and it was shown all over the world for years.