Chris McCausland – Edinburgh Fringe Review ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Chris McCausland presents an hour of high quality stand-up, through an act that has clearly been honed by years on the circuit. He has a great turn of phrase and is very affable on stage. His analysis of his first gig is great and he has stand-out sections in his bits on MI5 and Reginald D Hunter. In a year when every act seems to have some Olympics related material, it’s great to see someone with a very new angle which makes up a large chunk of this show. Even if you’re as sick of hearing about the running and jumping as I am, this certainly won’t add to your pain. A very solid performance with a strong awareness of the art of comedy. He mentions that he wasn’t planning on coming to the Fringe this year, I’m very glad he did.

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