That new material again.

Just keeping you posted on that new stuff… Last night before my main proper gig in central London, I popped over to Lee Hurst’s Backyard Comedy Club in Bethnal Green to run through that new material again from Monday night. It felt like a definite step backwards from Monday to be honest, but for a few reasons…

1. As predicted, the audience on Monday was just super nice and really supportive of hearing brand-new material, and so as I said, you left believing it was a bit more ready than it actually was.

2. I only had ten minutes to do new stuff last night – 20 on Monday – and the new bit I did is almost ten minutes, so I just had to introduce myself, crack a gag, and get on with it really. A bit of a rookie mistake to be honest, but there wasn’t any time to build a rapport, or build their confidence in me with several smaller more punchy bits before cracking on with the big long new bit.

3. It was too waffly. I probably new this to be honest, but although there were laughs along the way, it was far too wordy and needs a real trim to make it punchy enough for it to be anywhere near ready for a proper paying audience.

4. I forgot the bloody end. You know you probably need to do a bit of work on the new stuff, when forgetting a line at the end and admitting your cockup, gets the biggest laugh out of it all!

There were probably enough good laughs in that 10 minutes of new stuff for a fairly decent 5 minutes of material to be honest, so back to the drawing board with a big red felt pen I think. The second proper gig was lovely though, so I’m chalking last night down as a thoroughly entertaining 1-1 draw., with me ballooning a penalty over the bar at the end of the first half.


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I am a stand-up comedian from Liverpool. I am blind, and I live with my wife and young daughter in South West London.

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