I’ve just been all the way to Portsmouth to try some new material and jokes and stuff out, and it went really well! A bit waffly in parts, and could probably do with a trim and a tighten here and there, but I’m deffo going to stick that down as a big win and worth the trip.

The problem is though that I think the audience might have been a bit too nice, that they might have given me a bit of a false positive or unjustified sense of security with it all, and that the next typical “normal” audience I try it out in front of might just stare at me as if I’ve just wandered in off the street talking a big old tatty bag of nonsensical bollocks.

Listen to me, there’s no pleasing some people is there – moaning because the audience was too bloody nice – What an arsehole. Ok, it went well, let’s just leave it at that.

I’ll keep you posted… 👍 X

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I am a stand-up comedian from Liverpool. I am blind, and I live with my wife and young daughter in South West London.

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