Went to watch Frank Turner at the Rounhouse last night

Last night my wife and I went all the way into London Town to watch Frank Turner and his band play his final night of four at the Camden Roundhouse.

We’ve kind of followed Frank for a while now. The first time we came across him, he was supporting Rage Against The Machine’s guitarist Tom Morello who was playing as his acoustic folk alter-ego The Night Watchman at Scala in Kings Cross. I reckon this was June 2007, as I have a feeling it was the same week I turned 30.

Back at this gig, Frank was just a bloke on his own with a guitar. He sang some angry folk tunes and stole the show to be honest. It’s been quite cool to follow the evolution of his career as he has grown from solo singer songwriter on the support billing of other people’s gigs, through the acquisition of his own full band, and headlining shows at London’s biggest venues, and even on Letterman.

Last night we were lucky enough to be invited by my comedy chum Jonny Awsum, who you may have seen on BGT recently, and who is mate’s with Frank, and was hosting the four shows over this weekend. Jonny was great, and it was superb to see (or hear) him get a cameo during the main set when he emerged onto the stage to play a harmonica solo during Frank’s second song of the evening.

The two supports were a young lad called Sean McGowan, who was great and just seemed really made up to be there to be honest. He was really endearing, and apparently has his first album coming out on Friday, so I’ll deffo get the old Apple Music to give that a blast. here’s his new song he’s plugging.

Also on, were a band that I didn’t really know, but had heard of, and who quite possibly have one of my favourite names for a band – Get Cape, Wear cape, fly. For some reason I had always thought that this was just a bloke with a guitar, and I think that sometimes it might be – his name is Sam, but last night there were about eight or nine of them in the band with a full brass section.

The crowd went nuts when Frank brought the two of them out later on, and instigated a crowd surfing race, to basically high five the sound guy at the back of the room, and make it back to the stage again. I had my wife providing the running commentary on this, as she often has to during exciting visual spectacles. 

This was nothing though compared to the mayhem that ensued later on, when Frank himself declared that he wanted to high five the sound guy and flung himself into the crowd. I have no idea how the hell he managed to make it to the back of the room and return to the stage on top of the crowd, with mic in hand, and without missing a single word in what was a pretty high energy song.

Like comedy, music is subjective. People like what they like, and don’t like what they don’t like, and somewhere in between there is the willingness to latch on to something new, which is a receptiveness that unfortunately seems to diminish with age – and god knows I’m guilty of that. I’m not saying that Frank turner is for everybody, of course he isn’t… But whatever your tastes, I honestly doubt that there can be too many people out there who are more capable of putting on a better bloody show for those that have already bought in enough to turn up.

As a gigging comedian who works every weekend, I also massively approve of cool stuff happening on a Monday – So yeah, more cool Mondays please everybody.


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