Up the magnificent Champions League reds!

If you had of said to us Liverpool fans at the start of the season, that we would just need a draw at home against Brighton on the last day in order to qualify for next year’s Champions League… Oh, and that we would be in the Champions League final as well – then we would have collectively bitten your bloody hands and feet off for that.

Even considering the fact though, that Brighton have the worst away record in the league – I think, and that they were already safe from relegation and so hardly had anything to fight for – there was still a bit of nerves going into this final game, because anything can happen in footy, and sometimes does.

There was always a small chance that we could be frustrated by Brighton, with maybe them grabbing one or two on the break, and then maybe Chelsea beating Newcastle to leap past us into one of those coveted four qualifying places. It wasn’t likely, but unlikely things are still possible.

Granted, if this had happened, then a victory in the Champions League final still would have qualified us for next year’s competition, but the last thing we needed was that pressure hanging over our heads and getting in the way of us just being able to enjoy being in the bloody final for the first time in over a decade – win or lose.

As it turns out, we had nothing to be concerned about. Liverpool battered Brighton, and Newcastle made Chelsea look like a pub team.

Nobody expected us to make it to the biggest final in club football this season, not even us lot – It is surprising, magnificent, and entirely on merit!, and I am just so made up that we can enjoy the occasion now, safe in the knowledge that whatever happens in Kyiv, win or lose, we will be back amongst Europe’s elite rewriting the record books again next season.

It has now officially been a very good season that has exceeded our expectations, and it could yet get even better. Bring on May 26th, and up you magnificent Champions league reds!


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