Stand back as another over inflated and misdirected social media shit storm scorches the very fabric of reason before your disbelieving eyes!

American Airlines has refused to let on two teenaged girls who were wearing leggings. They were not paying customers, but were travelling with their Dad on a company travel pass. According to company rules, leggings are not permitted for anybody who has legs, and who is travelling on a company pass as they are deemed as representing the company. Anybody without legs is also forbidden from wearing imaginary leggings..

According to the social media frenzy that has ensued, This is apparently unacceptable sexist discriminatory behaviour from the airline… How dare they not allow two girls to travel for free who were wearing clothes that were not allowed by company policy.

Why does everything need to be blown up into an “ist” these days. Why can’t it just be that some Dad didn’t read his own companies rule book about acceptable dress code, and so ruined his own daughters holiday?

“Oh but the Dad was wearing shorts and he was allowed to travel so that’s sexist!” – Real argument.

Yes but shorts aren’t banned by the company’s dress code. If the girls had been wearing shorts they would also have been allowed to travel.

“Yes but making the girls wear shorts is just sexualising them!” – Yep that is actually an argument that has come out of the faces of several human adult beings. I would suggest that either you have a rather unhealthy fetish about shorts, or teenage girls in shorts, or you are just picturing the wrong type of shorts… big baggy ones aren’t.

The ban actually applies to skin tight lycra type garments, so if Bradley Wiggins turned up wearing his cycling clobber and travelling on a company travel pass, then I’m guessing he wouldn’t be on that flight either. Would that be sexist? Cyclist?

Everybody is so bloody quick to jump to the extreme these days and stick an “ist” on things. Why does the Westminster event the other day have to be a terrorist, why can’t it just be reported and referred to as a fucking nutter in a rented car? Then at least IS would have to decide if they really want to claim responsibility for the fucking nutter in the rented car.

Social media is again ablaze with over ego inflated self righteous celebrities denouncing American Airlines and vowing never to fly with them again. Get over yourselves, it’s not like they’ve been putting wheelchair users in the cargo hold or anything, they just don’t want their company representatives wearing skin tight stretchy shit. It’s not sexist, if anything it’s just stretchy-shitist.

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