Mesmerising vocal tracks…

I came across this post from which had links to a few tracks of Pearl Jam songs, but Eddie Vedder’s vocal tracks only.  Vedder has got an amazing voice and it’s worth checking out, however, as things often work on the Internet, one link lead to another, and before I knew it I was exposed to a whole new world on Youtube of vocal only versions of tons of bloody songs.


Some of them are simply mesmerising, for example anything with Freddy Mercury.  Have a listen to this vocal only version of Bohemian Rhapsody.  It’s pretty incredible, and you can hear so much more of what they have done with the choral style harmonies at the beginning, and that mad bit in the middle.  Don’t Stop Me Now is also bloody superb to hear, and a little weird with all the pauses for the omitted backing vocals.


Finally check out Billy Jean by Jacko.  Sounds a bit weird to say this, but I think with all the music stripped out, his vocal style on this song really does sound much blacker than I have ever previously thought.  A lot of the vocal ticks that he does later in the song really do sound very James Brown, which is not an association I have ever previously made when listening to the full compositions.


Anyway, if you are anything like me, you’ll spend the next three hours of your life watching loads of vocal only stuff on Youtube – Soz about that, it’s pretty cool though.



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