Martin Crane has left the building

I remember sitting down in front of the TV back in 1993 for that very first episode of Frasier. Being the first, it’s the one where Frasier’s Dad Martin moves in with him, bringing Eddie the dog that just likes to stare at Frasier, and the Gaffer taped comfy armchair that would become an unwanted feature of Frasier’s exquisitely decorated apartment for the next eleven years.

There were a few character quirks about those early episodes, quirks that weren’t apparent when watching them for the first time back in 1993, but little things that didn’t sit quite right when watching them back once the show had been running for a while, once the script writers had better formed the characters on paper, and the actors had grown into, and become more comfortable with the characters they were portraying.

Martin Crane just seemed to work straight out of the box though. The retired cop with the dodgy hip and the dead wife who resented having to depend on his pompous sons! John Mahoney was only something like thirteen or fourteen years older than Kelsey Grammer, and so this is where the silver hair job and the cane helped create that image of a man who was much older and more helpless than the actor in his early fifties who was bringing him to life.
Frasier and Martin Crane
Frasier very quickly became my favourite US sitcom, and still remains so today. Yes I am a big fan of the nerdy clever comedy and characters of Big Bang Theory, but not even this comes close to Frasier for the smartness of the writing, the sheer audacity and often farce of the situations that they all got themselves in to, and the warmth and emotion of the storylines and the characters.

I have watched each and every episode of Frasier countless times over the past twenty-five years, and I honestly never get bored of still rewatching them now, and laughing along at scenes I have seen over and over again.

One of those episodes that pops straight in to my head is the one were Daphne persuades them all to lie to an old flame of hers, and keep up the pretence that her and Niles are together in a relationship, a task that Niles obviously jumps at, but one that martin takes to the next level by pretending that he used to be an astronaut – I’m chuckling away now just remembering it!.

Frasier has been a genuinely massive part of my life, the comedic soundtrack to my University days, and a huge contributor to my love and appreciation of comedy… And throughout all 264 episodes, John Mahoney played Martin Crane with such understated brilliance and incredible warmth and timing. – He was the sentimental anchor to the show, and the perfect straight man and working class counter to the constant buffoonery and pretentiousness of his two idiot sons.

So I just wanted to say cheers for all the laughs John Mahoney – Martin Crane has left the building! X

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