A semi-corporate thing

Yesterday I travelled up to the North West for a kind of semi corporate thing. It was a regular style comedy night, but privately put on for the social night before a teacher’s conference. Well, that’s what I thought anyway, but it turned out that they weren’t actually teachers, but rather University finance officers, so remarkably even less rock and roll than I had even sarcastically eluded to on my way up there.

You never quite know how to play these things until you are somewhat in the throws of them. For example you never really know what the boundaries will be with regard to content and language. Yes the organiser might have requested a regular comedy night with no stipulations on such things, but often attendees at these types of events can be reluctant to laugh out loud in front of their colleagues or people they have just met through work, at anything that might be a bit rude or contentious.

When I arrived though, Mick Ferry was on stage giving them both barrels and the audience were lapping it up. There was, and usually is, quite a bit of chatter and background distraction at these types of events. The trick is to simply phase it out of your mind. If it were a comedy club then both you and the staff would work to bring some decorum to the room for the benefit of all the paying punters, but for events like this it’s just par for the course really.

This is why so many of these types of events can be bloody awful… When the chatter and distraction reaches the tipping point so as to consume the group that are trying to focus on the comedy, and sometimes you can pretty much feel like you are fighting a losing battle to build up any real momentum.

Last night though, the vast majority of the attendees were really up for the comedy, and willing to laugh at pretty much anything we threw at them. You don’t exactly walk off stage feeling like the master or competent purveyor of an art-form, it’s more just a shared team sense that we all just kind of got away with it this time. The bottom line is, that I am most definitely putting last night down in the big win column, 4-0 to us!… but there will be losses in the future, oh yes, I will likely be on the receiving end of some proper drubbings to come.


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